Currently September 2017

Currently September 2017 I’m linking up today with Anne of  In Residence for her Currently September 2017 link up post. Come join the fun to see what everyone is currently up to! Currently I am . . . Celebrating . . . the engagement of my daughter to her[…]

Currently August 2017

Currently August 2017 Joining up again with Anne from Anne In Residence to participate in her Currently August 2017 blog link up.  Currently August 2017 . . . Snacking on – Blueberries, So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Yogurt as well as almonds and cashews. Although I’m beginning to add[…]

Currently, July 2017

Currently, July 2017 As I was looking through posts on The Blogger’s Pit Stop one that caught my eye was Stephanie’s from Wife, Mommy, Me.  She is co-hosting the Currently, July 2017 edition link-up.  It looked like fun so I decided to join up. What is going on[…]